понедельник, 26 сентября 2011 г.

Seems that I haven't written here for ages. Anyway, since May, 2010 a lot of things have changed. I could not count all of them. My 5 Latvian months are at the distance of about a year now, though they have a good and convincing continuation. Another velvet season, finally , has reached me - what if I hadn't come there for the first time? Oh no, I could live without ALL THIS STUFF I have now. Sometimes it makes me smile. All I could say in Latvian in the end of August in 2009 was "paldies".
The risk with all those documents was worth my efforts. It was funny. Friendly autumn and winter with friends. Full of life and love.
Open your eyes.

September was rainy and cold last year - and warm and sunny this year. I'm so used to pass pleasant days in Latvia and Lithuania now. Home, sweet home - yeah, my sweet Saint-Petersburg, sure, my beloved Riga. Of course, Vilnius, I remember I can come back any day. ANY.

Cool people, though not many, but they should not be many. Nice stories, nice events, nice talks. I bless my life.
The story changes - people go away. They are close, but away - simultaneously. Such strange feelings. When summer passes, I wanna cry. I don't know why, summer is just the time of the season, it is so incredibly warm, kind, emotional, fruitful. And it just goes away.