понедельник, 31 октября 2011 г.


Do you know this feeling: oh God, just tomorrow in the evening (lol, rather in the night) I will be walking in an uknown district of an almost uknown city? Well, I have not travelled WELL for about three months already and I really think I deserve it after passing 4 exams :)
Another strange thing is that this city is the third one after St.Petersburg and Riga I consider to be the  essence of the Baltics. MUCH water. Beautiful architecture. Nordic and strict. Common historical background - just remember that Swedes lived in Ingermanland and so on. I think I like Stockholm.
From my last trip, only a few things survived - a blue transport card, several booklets from the university and this postcard. Even the only two photos I could capture on my mobile have gone with it. R.I.P.
It's a little bit sad that I failed with a Swedish trip this June - I'll just miss the blossom of lilacs and their scent.
Nevertheless, let it be - the grey sky of Stockholm, deep waters of lakes and the sea, kind people - and
I won't be alone there, anyway. This is quite a bonus, I think. Plus a great challenge: how to survive with a minimum of money.
A big minus - I still don't speak Swedish AT ALL, which seems quite sad for me - it's the only country I have been to earlier having such a problem. Such a strange feeling.
And then I'll wait again - maybe I will come back in August and it will become my third place of residence, who knows.

понедельник, 17 октября 2011 г.


I took a walk down your old street
Down past the places we used to meet
Trouble in mind trouble in souls
Won't you let your feelings go?

I don't mean that I like autumn. On the contrary, I'm afraid of it, and it hurts me when I suddenly realize that summer has gone. However, maybe the time has come to perceive everything around me just deeper than ever. Maybe this is that well-known phenomenon called happiness.
Anyway, I am a convinced ascetic: the blue sky is too little, but too much simultaneously. Sometimes enough to feel happy.

I didn't mean to disappoint you
I'm just sorry that I had to
I didn't mean to disappoint you
I'm just sorry that I did

It is so nice to come back. It just turns out so amazing to have memories. And to re-open them. It's so funny to long for THE river. To say "Hello hello" to your beloved streets and other places. However, I am not just a simple observer, I like people as well. That was a nice and fruitful weekend, actually. At least I would say so. Not just because I could not to think about the dative, philosophy, research plans and so on. Sometimes motion is essence, the essence of life and the life itself, you know.

It's a sort of a fairy-tale, but hush, don't tell anybody.
And yeah, I think once a month is not enough, though.

понедельник, 26 сентября 2011 г.

Seems that I haven't written here for ages. Anyway, since May, 2010 a lot of things have changed. I could not count all of them. My 5 Latvian months are at the distance of about a year now, though they have a good and convincing continuation. Another velvet season, finally , has reached me - what if I hadn't come there for the first time? Oh no, I could live without ALL THIS STUFF I have now. Sometimes it makes me smile. All I could say in Latvian in the end of August in 2009 was "paldies".
The risk with all those documents was worth my efforts. It was funny. Friendly autumn and winter with friends. Full of life and love.
Open your eyes.

September was rainy and cold last year - and warm and sunny this year. I'm so used to pass pleasant days in Latvia and Lithuania now. Home, sweet home - yeah, my sweet Saint-Petersburg, sure, my beloved Riga. Of course, Vilnius, I remember I can come back any day. ANY.

Cool people, though not many, but they should not be many. Nice stories, nice events, nice talks. I bless my life.
The story changes - people go away. They are close, but away - simultaneously. Such strange feelings. When summer passes, I wanna cry. I don't know why, summer is just the time of the season, it is so incredibly warm, kind, emotional, fruitful. And it just goes away.