вторник, 26 марта 2013 г.


My winter started with going west, my spring started with going south. Who knows what I will choose for the proper beginning of summer?

In any case, travelling in full moonish time, full of spring air (how misleading it was, March showed us later) and full. Now I know that one can meet a hare in the very centre of Stockholm, very charming early in the morning, quite silent, strict, but so springish that you want to spring somewhere to share it with others.

I just like meeting my good friends. I feel somewhat lonely in Sweden, even in spite of having wonderful colleagues, etc. My heart's in the far lands, my heart is not here.

To put it shortly: the sea (exciting, I crossed The Bridge - it can be compared only to the way to Kronstadt, probably - blue space _everywhere_), the blue sky, the feeling of freedom, the first yellow flowers in the dirtyish soil, Kastellet, "aquabuses" and friends.
Oh, wow.

Three days is not enough for this city, you know. I was pleasantly amazed. Even the wind doesn't spoil the overall impression of this another-flat-Baltic-city-but-even-on-the-island.

воскресенье, 24 февраля 2013 г.

My church village

What a nice day (in spite of its relative non-productivity, well). Had a one-hour promenade, the weather was great, an ideal weather for February and winter, actually. It was almost before the sunset, I haven't done it for a long time, unfortunately. The old church with the graveyard, so still, so wonderful. The wooden roof slope - I was slightly inattentive, eller?


First, I thought about going to the part I haven't been before - though the lake tempted me much, but I thought that it worth not spending time, as I couldn't see much before the sunset.
Well, I went further to the north, and was rewarded. Two deer ran across the road, they appeared from nowhere, but I was SO HAPPY to see them. Yeah, they live somewhere in the neighbourhood, hurrah!

And then I unexpectedly came across this witness of old times:

By the way, one Swedish mile equals somewhat about 10 kilometers, so to see some other ones I should go for quite a long time, I suppose. Or at least be aware of other neighbouring "highways".

It would be really nice to walk more during these holidays (we have no lectures, though I have my Swedish course on Tuesday and tons of stuff to do), so-called sportlov (sport holidays). To be a bit more sporty :))
Well, if the weather will be so nice these days, why not, actually? I have enough spots to see and explore in our lovely Runriket.