воскресенье, 25 января 2009 г.

Love Me or Leave Me?

You don't know how happy I am just to see you. I thought I'm used not to show it, not to look extremely happy. But my eyes can't lie.
You make me smile. I make you smile. You look at me, I look at you. Jimmy Morrisson was aware of the truth.
When a girl speaks, a man asks her. Love comes tumbling. I'm not sure, I don't know. But I need your love.
Nevertheless, I'm happy just because you looked at me, I looked at you. Curious? Sometimes you are curious, your eyes are joking. You get surprised by my words... really? and I... still calm, though trembling. Nothing really matters. But - I love you.

пятница, 23 января 2009 г.

I'm a silly girl. I get too nervous when you don't answer.
I'm trying to think about other things... when I succeed in it, I get your answer. Unexpectedly. I'm a stupid, stupid girl.
Will you ever stay with me? Forever? Ha, you foolish, my dear.
You're the warmest thing in my mind.
Eternal love? A fantasy? Brrr...

You don't know, but some signs say more than you can imagine. Never mind, though. Let the first warm spring days live in my memory. In my me-mory. Me. You.

C minor, F minor. I love you, G minor. You'll stay with me. Eternal love. Let it be, though in my mind only.

E-nigma, E minor.

четверг, 22 января 2009 г.

I've found a new way to infinity. It's a very melodious way.
Soft tunes, syncopes, improvisation. Like a permanent smile. Tender and sincere.
I like it.
A curtain design... portraits of Those Negroes of Old Days - when New Orleans seemed to be the World of Jazz.
They also smile, these funny men and women. Their brass instruments are so similar to them - like a part of their souls, their lives.
Absolute life.

четверг, 15 января 2009 г.

Lucid Dreams

Who is sure that it's January? No-no-no, it never comes, though it's the most contradictory month. NO reality. It just seems to me, just seems, just seems to be. It's like a mist.
It is considered to be the beginning of the year. Hopeful. Never mind, it's just a fantasy. A fantasy.
Reality seems to disappear. For some time. Some of us think it's something about two-three weeks. A life is similar to a dream, and this dream should disappear. I'm sure.
Just try not to resemble those old days, when you beleived some simple truths, when you loved, when you were so simple and so crazy.
At that time you were trying to save anything - just anything - to live. Ha-ha - in vain you tried.
I' m looking forward to nothingness. Well, it's a bit unsincere - I'm waiting for spring, it never lies.

What for... all these riffs, nervous, mad, savage? "So come and dance with me, Michael..." You were scared. You didn't like it, did you?
What for? Was it "Michael, you're the only one I'd ever want".
I still don't know. And it doesn't matter.
Nevertheless, I loved you.

Autumn never believes me, never. It just slaps me in the face. You know what it means.
But nowadays I'm stronger, stronger than ever. I've grown up. I'm ready for you, my life. Ha-ha.
And I will smile, so admire it! I will, I will, I will.
Just because I really will.