понедельник, 31 октября 2011 г.


Do you know this feeling: oh God, just tomorrow in the evening (lol, rather in the night) I will be walking in an uknown district of an almost uknown city? Well, I have not travelled WELL for about three months already and I really think I deserve it after passing 4 exams :)
Another strange thing is that this city is the third one after St.Petersburg and Riga I consider to be the  essence of the Baltics. MUCH water. Beautiful architecture. Nordic and strict. Common historical background - just remember that Swedes lived in Ingermanland and so on. I think I like Stockholm.
From my last trip, only a few things survived - a blue transport card, several booklets from the university and this postcard. Even the only two photos I could capture on my mobile have gone with it. R.I.P.
It's a little bit sad that I failed with a Swedish trip this June - I'll just miss the blossom of lilacs and their scent.
Nevertheless, let it be - the grey sky of Stockholm, deep waters of lakes and the sea, kind people - and
I won't be alone there, anyway. This is quite a bonus, I think. Plus a great challenge: how to survive with a minimum of money.
A big minus - I still don't speak Swedish AT ALL, which seems quite sad for me - it's the only country I have been to earlier having such a problem. Such a strange feeling.
And then I'll wait again - maybe I will come back in August and it will become my third place of residence, who knows.

понедельник, 17 октября 2011 г.


I took a walk down your old street
Down past the places we used to meet
Trouble in mind trouble in souls
Won't you let your feelings go?

I don't mean that I like autumn. On the contrary, I'm afraid of it, and it hurts me when I suddenly realize that summer has gone. However, maybe the time has come to perceive everything around me just deeper than ever. Maybe this is that well-known phenomenon called happiness.
Anyway, I am a convinced ascetic: the blue sky is too little, but too much simultaneously. Sometimes enough to feel happy.

I didn't mean to disappoint you
I'm just sorry that I had to
I didn't mean to disappoint you
I'm just sorry that I did

It is so nice to come back. It just turns out so amazing to have memories. And to re-open them. It's so funny to long for THE river. To say "Hello hello" to your beloved streets and other places. However, I am not just a simple observer, I like people as well. That was a nice and fruitful weekend, actually. At least I would say so. Not just because I could not to think about the dative, philosophy, research plans and so on. Sometimes motion is essence, the essence of life and the life itself, you know.

It's a sort of a fairy-tale, but hush, don't tell anybody.
And yeah, I think once a month is not enough, though.